Lingjie Liu

Postdoctoral Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Informatics
Incoming Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

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GAN2X: Non-Lambertian Inverse Rendering of Image GANs

Xingang Pan, Ayush Tewari, Lingjie Liu, Christian Theobalt

3DV 2022

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NeuRIS: Neural Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes Using Normal Priors

Jiepeng Wang, Peng Wang, Xiaoxiao Long, Christian Theobalt, Taku Komura, Lingjie Liu, Wenping Wang

ECCV 2022

[Project Page] [Paper] [Code]
NeRF for Outdoor Scene Relighting

Viktor Rudnev, Mohamed Elgharib, William Smith, Lingjie Liu, Vladislav Golyanik, Christian Theobalt

ECCV 2022

[Project page] [Paper] [Code] [Data]
Physics Informed Neural Fields for Smoke Reconstruction with Sparse Data

Mengyu Chu, Lingjie Liu, Quan Zheng, Erik Franz, Hans-Peter Seidel, Christian Theobalt, Rhaleb Zayer

SIGGRAPH 2022 (Journal track)

[Project page] [Paper]
Estimating Egocentric 3D Human Pose in the Wild with External Weak Supervision

Jian Wang, Lingjie Liu, Weipeng Xu, Kripasindhu Sarkar, Diogo Luvizon, Christian Theobalt

CVPR 2022

[Project page] [Paper] [Dataset]
Neural Rays for Occlusion-aware Image-based Rendering

Yuan Liu, Sida Peng, Lingjie Liu, Qianqian Wang, Peng Wang, Christian Theobalt, Xiaowei Zhou, Wenping Wang

CVPR 2022

[Project page] [Paper] [Code]
Learn to Predict How Humans Manipulate Large-Sized Objects From Interactive Motions

Weilin Wan, Lei Yang, Lingjie Liu, Zhuoying Zhang, Ruixing Jia, Yi-King Choi, Jia Pan, Christian Theobalt,Taku Komura, Wenping Wang

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 2022 (Presented at ICRA 2022)

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StyleNeRF: A Style-based 3D-Aware Generator for High-resolution Image Synthesis

Jiatao Gu, Lingjie Liu, Peng Wang, Christian Theobalt

ICLR 2022

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NeuS: Learning Neural Implicit Surfaces by Volume Rendering for Multi-view Reconstruction

Peng Wang, Lingjie Liu, Yuan Liu, Christian Theobalt, Taku Komura, Wenping Wang

NeurIPS 2021 (Spotlight)

[Project page] [Paper] [Code]
Neural Actor: Neural Free-view Synthesis of Human Actors with Pose Control

Lingjie Liu, Marc Habermann, Viktor Rudnev, Kripasindhu Sarkar, Jiatao Gu, Christian Theobalt

SIGGRAPH Asia 2021

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Estimating Egocentric 3D Human Pose in Global Space

Jian Wang, Lingjie Liu, Weipeng Xu, Kripasindhu Sarkar, Christian Theobalt

ICCV 2021 (Oral)

[Project page] [Paper]
Adaptive Surface Normal Constraint for Depth Estimation

Xiaoxiao Long, Cheng Lin, Lingjie Liu, Wei Li, Christian Theobalt, Ruigang Yang, Wenping Wang

ICCV 2021

[Paper] [Code]
Efficient and Differentiable Shadow Computation for Inverse Problems

Linjie Lyu, Marc Habermann, Lingjie Liu, Mallikarjun B R, Ayush Tewari, Christian Theobalt

ICCV 2021

[Project page] [Paper] [Video]
EgoRenderer: Rendering Human Avatars from Egocentric Camera Images

Tao Hu, Kripasindhu Sarkar, Lingjie Liu, Matthias Zwicker, Christian Theobalt

ICCV 2021

[Project page]
Learning Speech-driven 3D Conversational Gestures from Video

Ikhsanul Habibie, Weipeng Xu, Dushyant Mehta, Lingjie Liu, Hans-Peter Seidel, Gerard Pons-Moll, Mohamed Elgharib, Christian Theobalt

ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) 2021 (Best Paper Award)

[Project page] [Paper]
HumanGAN: A Generative Model of Human Images

Kripasindhu Sarkar, Lingjie Liu, Vladislav Golyanik, Christian Theobalt

3DV 2021 (Oral)

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Pose-Guided Human Animation from a Single Image in the Wild

Jae Shin Yoon, Lingjie Liu, Vladislav Golyanik, Kripasindhu Sarkar, Hyun Soo Park, Christian Theobalt

CVPR 2021

[Project page] [Paper] [Video]
Learnable Motion Coherence for Correspondence Pruning

Yuan Liu, Lingjie Liu, Cheng Lin, Zhen Dong, Wenping Wang

CVPR 2021

Multi-view Depth Estimation using Epipolar Spatio-Temporal Networks

Xiaoxiao Long, Lingjie Liu, Wei Li, Christian Theobalt, Wenping Wang

CVPR 2021



Neural Sparse Voxel Fields

Lingjie Liu*, Jiatao Gu*, Kyaw Zaw Lin, Tat-Seng Chua, Christian Theobalt

NeurIPS 2020 (Spotlight)

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SEG-MAT: 3D Shape Segmentation Using Medial Axis Transform

Cheng Lin, Lingjie Liu, Changjian Li, Leif Kobbelt, Bin Wang, Shiqing Xin, Wenping Wang

TVCG 2020

[Project page] [Paper] [Code & Data]
MulayCap: Multi-layer Human Performance Capture Using A Monocular Video Camera

Zhaoqi Su, Weilin Wan, Tao Yu , Lingjie Liu, Lu Fang, Wenping Wang, Yebin Liu

TVCG 2020

[Project page] [Paper]
Occlusion-Aware Depth Estimation with Adaptive Normal Constraints

Xiaoxiao Long, Lingjie Liu, Christian Theobalt, Wenping Wang

ECCV 2020

[Project page] [Paper] [Video] [Code]
Vid2Curve: Simultaneous Camera Motion Estimation and Thin Structure Reconstruction from an RGB Video

Peng Wang, Lingjie Liu, Nenglun Chen, Hung-Kuo Chu, Christian Theobalt, Wenping Wang


[Project page] [Paper] [Video] [Code]
Unsupervised Learning of Intrinsic Structural Representation Points

Nenglun Chen, Lingjie Liu, Zhiming Cui, Runnan Chen, Duygu Ceylan, Changhe Tu, Wenping Wang

CVPR 2020

[Project page] [Paper] [Code]
Neural Human Video Rendering by Learning Dynamic Textures and Rendering-to-Video Translation

Lingjie Liu, Weipeng Xu, Marc Habermann, Michael Zollhöfer, Florian Bernard, Hyeongwoo Kim, Wenping Wang, Christian Theobalt

TVCG 2020

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Neural Animation and Reenactment of Human Actor Videos

Lingjie Liu, Weipeng Xu, Michael Zollhöfer, Hyeongwoo Kim, Florian Bernard, Marc Habermann, Wenping Wang, Christian Theobalt

ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 2019

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MAT-Net: Medial Axis Transform Network for 3D Object Recognition

Jianwei Hu, Bin Wang, Lihui Qian, Yiling Pan, Xiaohu Guo, Lingjie Liu, Wenping Wang

IJCAI 2019

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CurveFusion: Reconstructing Thin Structures from RGBD Sequences

Lingjie Liu*, Nenglun Chen*, Duygu Ceylan, Christian Theobalt, Wenping Wang, Niloy J. Mitra

SIGGRAPH Asia 2018

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Image-based Reconstruction of Wire Art

Lingjie Liu, Duygu Ceylan, Cheng Lin, Wenping Wang, Niloy J. Mitra


[Project page] [Paper] [Code] [Video] [bibtex] [Media]
Correlation-preserving Photo Collage

Lingjie Liu, Hongjie Zhang, Guanmei Jing, Yanwen Guo, Zhonggui Chen, Wenping Wang

TVCG 2017

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Style and Pose Control for Image Synthesis of Humans from a Single Monocular View

Kripasindhu Sarkar, Vladislav Golyanik, Lingjie Liu, Christian Theobalt

Arxiv 2021

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The University of Hong Kong

Ph.D, Computer Science

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) holder (Top 100 PhD students in Hong Kong)

Supervised by Prof. Wenping Wang.


Huazhong University of Science and Technology

BEng, Computer Science and Technology

Wuhan, China

CCF (China Computer Federation) Top 100 Excellent Undergraduates

Won "Best Linpack" Award in International Supercomputer Competition 2013 (ISC'13, held in Germany)

Won "Best MIC Performance" Award in Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge 2013 (ASC'13, held in China)

The "Meritorious Winner" in Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) 2013

Advised by Prof. Hai Jin.


New York University

Visiting Scholar

New York, USA

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Visited Prof. Daniele Panozzo at New York University from Feb 2019 to June 2019.


Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics


Saarbrucken, Germany

3D Video and Vision-based Graphics Group

Visited Prof. Christian Theobalt at Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics from March 2018 to Jan 2019.


University College London

Visiting Scholar

London, UK

Smart Geometry Processing Group

Visited Prof. Niloy J. Mitra at UCL from Sept 2016 to Jan 2017, and from May 2017 to Nov 2017.

August 2021
Invited Talks:
June 2021
Neural Rendering of Human Actors

School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University

July 2020
Learning Neural Sparse Voxel Fields for Free-viewpoint Rendering

Shan Dong University Visual Computing Summer School

GAMES Webinar: talk link

June - August 2018
CurveFusion: RGBD-based Reconstruction of Thin Structures

The Computational Fabrication Group, MIT CSAIL

Department of Computer Science, Harvard University

Department of Automation, Tsinghua University

Baidu Research, Beijing

Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia

SFU Visual Computing Workshop

March - May 2017
Image-based reconstruction of wire art

School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China

Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University

Department of Computer Science and Technology, South China University of Technology

Professional Services:

Program Committee Member: SIGGRAPH 2022, Pacific Graphics 2022, SIGGRAPH 2023

Reviewer: In recent years, I have regularly served as a reviewer for top-tier international conferences and journals, including ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), Eurographics, Pacific Graphics, NeurIPS, ICLR, AAAI, IEEE CVPR, IEEE ICCV, ECCV, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI).

Lise Meitner Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Oct 2019 * Max Planck Institute for Informatics

HKPFS (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme)

Aug 2014 * Research Grants Council (RGC) in Hong Kong

CCF (China Computer Federation) Top 100 Excellent Undergraduates

2014 * CCF (China Computer Federation)